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We have put together a list of common questions below to help answer
any questions you may have about Dogo Argentinos.
Simply click on the question below to reveal the answers.

How much does one of your Dogo Argentinos cost?

Our Dogos are individually priced and prices are given upon request only. We do not rate our Dogos as Show / Pet quality. Our Dogo Argentino’s are breeding stock and are priced accordingly.

At what age do you release a Dogo Argentino Puppy?

Our Dogo puppies are released at the age of three months after their hearing test (B.A.E.R.) and after healed from ear cropping.

How do you ship your Dogos Argentinos?

We ship to most destinations worldwide by commercial airlines. Shipping in the contiguous United States cost from $200.00 according to weight and not including the crate. We do not ship to destinations that require quarantine of the puppy.

Is there a guarantee of purchase for your Dogo Argentinos?

We sell our Dogos with a Sale / Purchase Agreement under which they are guaranteed for two years against genetic defects. Each Dogo is shipped with a State Official Health Certificate.

Everyone’s says that they are trying to preserve the Original Dogo Argentino. What makes you different?

First of all, how can anybody preserve what he has not seen? We were privileged to be in Argentina since the beginning of the breed and to receive our first stock from the developer of the Dogo Argentino, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez. Thereafter, we have strictly followed the breed standard he issued in 1947 upon introducing the breed to the public. We have not entertained any changes to the breed patronized by clubs or interest groups. That makes us different!

Are the ears of your Dogo Argentino Puppy cropped before delivery to the new owner?

All of our Dogo puppy’s ears are cropped. This is required by the original 1947 standard written by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez and we strictly abide by his standard.

Do your Dogo Argentinos have spots or are they all white?

Our Dogos are all white. Rarely do we have a spotted puppy. Spots were not accepted in the Original Breed Standard of 1947.

Does the Dogo Argentino make a good guard dog?

Dogos can be trained as guard dogs. Argentine Dogos look very imposing. They carry themselves with an impressive, dignified and proud presence, making them an effective deterrent.

What are the Dogo Argentinos exercise requirements?

Providing enough exercise and mental stimulation is a must for a Dogo Argentino. They are great running, biking, and hiking companions. A bored dogo will become rambunctious and therefore could be destructive.

Do Dogo Argentinos bark?

Yes, but they are not considered a barking dog.

Do you recommend spaying or neutering your Dogo Argentinos?

Our Dogos have superior bloodlines and are bred for reproduction stock. Therefore we do not sell Dogos to those that intend to spay or neuter them.

Are Dogo Argentinos aggressive towards other animals?

Dogo Argentinos were developed to hunt wild animals. Most are dominant and will respond to aggression from other animals. Dogos should be socialized and trained to live with other animals.

Do your Dogo Argentinos have problems with deafness?

Deafness has been cleared from our Dogo Argentino lines. All our puppies are B.A.E.R. tested by an independent neuro-surgeon veterinarian and the results of the test are delivered with each puppy.

What is the difference between pigmentation and spots?

We usually refer to spots as coloration on the coat. Pigmentation is coloration of the skin. All Dogos have some pigmentation. Excessive pigmentation is not acceptable.

What color are a Dogo Argentino’s eyes?

Dark or hazelnut in color, rimmed by black or flesh colored eyelids is the standard description.

What is the difference between a Pit Bull and a Dogo Argentino?

These animals are not related in any way. The dogo is a big game hunting dog. A pit bull is what the name suggests.

Does the Dogo Argentino slobber?

A well bred Dogo Argentino does not slobber.

Does an Argentine Dogo smell?

Dogos do not have a “doggie” smell, not even when wet.

Does a Dogo Argentino shed?

Dogos shed to some degree, but not excessively. They are easily maintained by light grooming.

Do Dogo Argentinos like the water?

Dogos love the water and most love their baths.

How does the Dogo Argentino interact with children?

Dogos love children and are very gentle with them. They are a friendly and devoted family dog. Dogos are protective of their family and caution should be used when unfamiliar people are around the household.

Are Dogo Argentinos a good family pet?

Dogos are an excellent family pet. They enjoy familiar human companionship. We highly recommend training and socialization of every Dogo. They have a tendency to be reserved and vigilant around strangers. Dogo Argentinos are a serious dog, suited best with the serious dog owner.

Can a Dogo be trained for Schtzhund?

Yes some can. Not all Dogos have the desire to do this. Dogos like people and were breed as a big game hunting dog.

Will the Dogo Argentino get along with other family pets?

Properly socialized Dogos can get along with other family pets. The other animals that the Dogo is to live with are best when not of the same sex or of an aggressive nature.

Do you train your Dogo Argentino puppies at Las Pampas Kennels?

We do not train our puppies. Each buyer normally has a different reason for purchasing these animals and therefore we leave the training to them. We suggest that all Dogos have professional training and socialization.

Are Dogos dominant with people?

Yes they are a dominant dog and have a strong inherent desire to protect.

What do you feed your Dogos?

We give our recommended feeding instructions after purchase of one of our fine Dogo Argentinos.

Can we visit your Las Pampas Kennels?

Yes. An appointment can be arranged at your convenience.

Do you show your Dogo Argentinos?

We used to show regularly and enjoyed it. However, due to the standard changes that Dogo Clubs have adopted in the last 20 years, we have decided not to patronize those shows and instead, continue breeding Dogo Argentinos that represent the great idea of Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez.

What are the changes that the Dogo Clubs have adopted?

There are many changes but they are too complicated to discuss here in detail. However, to name a few: size, proportions, coat-coloring, un-cropped ears, bite, etc.

Why did the Clubs change the standards?

It is not easy to breed these dogs to meet the Original Standard of 1947. It is easier for them to change the Standard than to improve the quality of their Dogos!

Do you discourage your clients from showing their "Las Pampas Dogos"?

No, we do not. Our Dogos are well bred and can stand any competition. After a customer acquires a Dogo from us, it becomes his property, and should feel free to pursue his passion with his fine Dogo, including showing.

Do you have any restrictions on your purchasers breeding their "Las Pampas Dogos"?

We require that Dogos from our Kennels not be breed to other of lesser quality or dogs from different breeds. Our customers are encouraged to confer with us when they become ready to breed their "Las Pampas Dogo". Many lines are not compatible and breeding with such, may result in disqualifications from the Original Breed Standard we have worked so hard to secure.